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How can Talk Education help me?
Talk Education is your FREE guide to the world's best private schools.

Using our advanced search filters you can curate a list of potential schools for your child. Watch videos of the schools, meet the Head, and read our nine-point school reviews written by our expert team, giving you insights you won't find anywhere else. Using our unique data comparison tools, you can compare fees, results, size and subjects offered (and much more), and make notes on your personal dashboard.

At Talk Education you'll find research and data you can trust, from an experienced team.
How do you choose your Top 250 UK schools?
How do we choose which schools make our list and which don't? Well, it's hard. Our team has been doing this for a very long time and every year, the discussions get more heated. Which factors carry most weight: stellar academic results, shiny facilities, impressive leavers' destinations - or the views of current parents and pupils?

The answer is that we take into account a wide range of criteria: everything from the quantifiable (results, facilities, destinations and more) to the unquantifiables like word-of-mouth reputation. We have a huge team of researchers: most of them have been visiting schools for us for more than 10 years, and all are tuned into their local grapevines and have an unparalleled perspective on which schools are on the up - and which might not be. We have a vast network of spies, moles and informers - current and past parents and pupils, staff, former heads and local residents - who all help us to build a true picture of each school, and make Talk Education the only schools guide you need to read. 
How often do you update your reviews?
All the time! We update our reviews as soon as a school has their latest results, leavers' destinations or fees. Any changes at a school, be it a change of Head or a change in the lunch menu, a new swimming pool or GCSE subject, we note it. We aim to visit every school we review every year to keep in touch with developments and to ensure that we are giving you an up-to-date picture of each school.

Can I access Talk Education from my phone?
Yes, you can. Login via the link on the main navigation menu on our home page. If you need any help, please contact us at
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Yes! Our site is completely free of charge at present. Simply sign up and start reading our reviews today.
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