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Sixth Form Politics Students enjoy trip to the Houses of Parliament

Students from St Swithun’s sixth form politics class had a unique opportunity to witness democracy in action during a visit to the Houses of Parliament earlier this month.


The highlight of their visit was a meeting with the Meon Valley Member of Parliament, Flick Drummond, who engaged with the students in a lively discussion about the workings of government and the importance of political engagement.

The students were given a comprehensive tour of the historic Westminster Palace, including the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They had the chance to learn about parliamentary procedures and gain insight into the day-to-day responsibilities of MPs. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to explore the historic Supreme Court chambers as part of their visit to the Houses of Parliament.

During their meeting with Flick Drummond MP, the students had the opportunity to ask questions about her role as their representative in Parliament, as well as about current political issues affecting their community and the nation as a whole. Mrs Drummond was impressed by the students' knowledge and enthusiasm for politics, and she expressed her hope that their visit would inspire them to become more actively involved in the democratic process.

Head of Politics Alex Wilson commented on the significance of the visit, saying, "Experiential learning opportunities like this are invaluable for our students. It's one thing to read about how Parliament works in a textbook, but actually being here and seeing it brings the subject to life in a way that simply can't be replicated in the classroom."

In response to the students' questions and enthusiasm, Flick Drummond MP remarked, "It's always a pleasure to meet with young people who are interested in politics and eager to learn more about how government functions. I hope that today's visit has inspired these students to become more actively engaged citizens and perhaps even consider a career in public service in the future."

The visit to the Houses of Parliament provided the students with a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of the political process and to engage directly with their elected representatives.

March 2024