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Empathy Day at Chepstow House School

'At Chepstow House School, we aim to instill in children a high level of self-esteem and confidence in their own worth and to develop a sensitivity to the needs of others. Empathy is a core value of our education, and we believe that empathetic children are happier and better balanced. In light of that, we celebrated Empathy Day and teach empathy daily in all our interactions with children and our wider school community.

During that day, children took part in empathy building activities such as empathy walks during which we used our empathy superpowers to understand how others were feeling in their personal circumstances. We believe that empathy is an essential life skill that can be taught effectively via the use of books as children are exposed to a variety of characters and situations that they can relate to daily life in an empathetic manner.

By making empathy a core value and incorporating it into everyday practices, Chepstow House School is providing children with a strong foundation for their personal growth and their ability to connect with and support others. These skills will undoubtedly benefit them not only during their time at school but also throughout their lives.'